Rates & Fees

Most people want to know what the fees are for agreeing to a personal loan. BlueSkyLoans can provide you with the information you need regarding the costs of a payday loan. The fee for a personal loan is based on the annual percentage rate or (APR).

APR Range

A loan’s APR is based on two things:

  • Information consumers supply in their loan application
  • Lender that approves the loan

Consumers will get their loan terms, fees and APR when the lender provides them with the loan agreement during the request process.

A short-term loan’s APR can run anywhere from 200% to 2,290% - based on the amount of the loan, the length of the loan, fees incurred, non-payment fees, late payment fees and various other factors. Bear in mind that the APR isn’t the finance charge, which is revealed in the future.

BlueSkyLoans isn’t a lender itself, which means it cannot provide you with a precise APR for your loan.

Consequences For Partial Payment, Late Payment and Non-Payment

When you agree to the loan offer’s terms and conditions, you agree to pay the principal and finance charges back in the timeframe stipulated in the documents. The lender may tack on additional charges or fees if you do not pay the loan back in full or in the event a late payment is made.

BlueSkyLoans is not able to provide you with details on how much you will be charged when your payment is late, you do not make a payment, or you make half a payment than the stated amount. Any information about the loan is between you and the lender. Therefore, consumers are advised to review their loan documents regarding their policies surrounding late payments, non-payments and partial payments.

BlueSkyLoans is not a lender and will not provide you with short-term loans. However, the website works with reputable lenders to recoup monies for any past due account in an appropriate manner.

The website doesn’t charge for its services, and each lender within its network will offer consumers a particular term and conditions before the loan is accepted. It’s imperative that consumers review the loan’s conditions before signing any documentation.